kay / oregon, i have an obsession with liam and selena - teen wolf destroys my life. I'm a tv junkie for life.

@ryanxdean: “Do i look okay? @selenagomez”



@parisroberts1: I swapped the photography studio for the music studio for a day! Just to clarify, that doesn’t mean you should expect any music from me any time soon, but definitely keep your eyes open for some breathtaking stuff from miss @selenagomez in the future! I already have a song stuck in my head……and by the way I have never heard someone sound so good live!
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@yogawithrocky: Arch n’ Point ✨👌 @selenagomez



@selenagomez: Haha pulled over to buy some lemonade from these littles. They were the freakin cutest.


@selenagomez: The future


@selenagomez: Oh and that one time I hiked that same day and got lost so… pose. Right? #literallyhadnoideawherewewere #itwaspretty #hashtag


am I the only one who tries to learn lyrics to rap songs so I can surprise people during car rides

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